Parenting Support and Education

Parenting Support and Education

A Women’s Pregnancy Center provides free parenting classes for moms and dads in Madison, Florida. Our parenting classes help you lay a foundation for successful parenting. Becoming a parent can seem overwhelming, get answers to your questions about pregnancy and parenting.

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Facilitated by staff and volunteers designed to provide the basic principles of infant care, along with the opportunity to become familiar with the physical and behavioral development of your baby.  You will learn skills from caring for your newborn to parenting through pre-school.  Our topics include:


  • Handling, Diapering and Dressing
  • When your baby is sick
  • Bath time
  • Understanding your child’s personality
  • Discipline
  • Managing Stress and anger

Community Referrals

Outside of our own services, we can also help you access other community services and resources that benefit you and your baby. We provide referrals to doctors, healthcare providers, adoption agencies, WIC, Medicaid, and other community resources. Our center can also provide you with a verification of pregnancy form for state health insurance.

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